Dua 20for 20Marriage 20Proposals
Duas For Marriage Proposals In Islam use for a quick marriage
proposal and getting good marriage proposals.

If you are in problems due to denying proposals then use our dua for
marriage proposal
acceptance in Islam and get a sure result.

Dua to get a good marriage proposal or for an immediate marriage
proposal can be used for a marriage proposal with a loved one. You can use
our surah mumtahina for a marriage proposal.

What is Marriage (Nikah) in Islam?

Marriage (nikah) is a solemn and sacred social contract between the
bride and groom, and it is considered a great act of worship in Islam.

Islam is a strong advocate of marriage, and the act of marriage is
considered a religious duty through which the social unit — the family — is
established. Islamic marriage is the only permissible way for men and women
to engage in intimacy.
Allah Tal’ala states in the Quran: “And verily We sent messengers (to
mankind) before thee, and We appointed for them wives and offspring”

(Surah Ar-Ra’ad- Verse 38)
Marriage is one of the most special moments of life. You wait for this
moment in the first place. Furthermore, the time you step up out of teenage
and enter in youth phase, these thoughts come.

The feeling of having your own wife/husband, kids, and in-laws excites you.
Furthermore, the thought of love marriage is what strikes you time and
again. Well, irrespective of the type of marriage it is a unique and
cherishable moment.

However, this cherished moment not comes easily in your life. Many a time,
it is seen that the finalization of marriage takes a significant amount of
time. Moreover, challenges and obstacles in the path of marriage make it
even more robust.

Generally, a standard set of problems is associated with delay in marriage.
This includes:

A. Not getting any marriage proposal

Troubles in the path of love marriage

C. Rejection of a marriage proposal at the last moment

Your personality/physical appearance creating hindrances in the way of

E. Issue related to dowry

F. The economic status of the family

The social image of the family

All these problems delay the moment at your wedding. Now, these delays can
be very troubling for you. Increasing age puts additional pressure on you.
The fear of not getting married strikes your mind.

However, there is a positive way out for you.
Dua for marriage proposal in Islam can soon fulfill your desires. All
the obstacles in the path of marriage would quickly disappear with the help
of this dua.

However, for the efficacy of the dua, you have to put in your efforts as
well. The shots from your side have to come in the face of faith and

Best Quranic Duas For Marriage

Marriage in Islam is an obligation that is greatly admired by Allah and
very beloved by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The prophet
himself has mentioned, “Marriage is from among my ways”, hence to get
married is a sunnah, and the person acting upon a sunnah of the prophet
will be rewarded greatly by Allah.

At the time of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), certain
companions vouched to remain single. When the prophet heard this, he
displayed his disapproval and stated that marriage was his sunnah and that
of the previous prophets.

It is also important to get married as it protects a person from
committing sins like adultery, evil glances, and masturbation. By getting
married a person protects his morality, and it also compels the man and
woman to discipline their desires in a way that will protect their

A person should also get married to increase the Ummah (followers) of the
Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Marry such
women who are extremely fond of their husbands and who can bare many
children so that I (the prophet Muhammad) can be proud on the day of
Judgment due to your large numbers” (Abu Dawood)

Being married is a source of getting continuous rewards from Allah. When
a husband treats his wife and children in a good manner and spends on them
then this is considered an act of Sadaqah in Islam.  In the same way,
if a wife treats her husband in a good manner then she will also receive a
great reward from Allah.

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “whenever a
Muslim spends on his family with the intention of gaining reward, then
this is a sadaqah” (Muslim)

Duas For Marriage- 10 Different Effective Dua, Wazifa for Nikah are given

Below we provide you different-different duas and wazaif for a marriage
proposal. Read these duas and wazaif for a good marriage proposal.

Duas’ For Marriage

1. Reciting Surah Yasin
Surah Yasin
is also known as the heart of the Quran because of its limitless
blessings. As per them, Surah Yasin solves all problems related to getting
married soon.

2. Recite Verse No. 129 Of Surah Tauba
Do the following thing after any prayer per day;

19 Times: Bismillah
1100 Times: 129 Verse of Surah Tauba
100 Times: Durood Shareef
19 Times: Bismillah (at the end).
Pray for yourself or your daughter or son to get a marriage proposal

3. Recite Surah Maryam
Recite Surah Maryam after any salah, once per day. This can only be done
by the Girl or her mother only.

4. Dhikr Of Fatima Zahra (RA)
Recite 2 Rakaah salah any time then recite 11 times Durood Shareef. Then
recite the Tasbeeh of Fatima Zahra (RA) which is;

34 Times: Allah ho Akbar
33 Times: Alhamdullilah
33 Times: Subhan Allah
11 Times: Durood Shareef (End of the Dhikr or Tasbeeh)

Dua For A Quick Marriage Proposal

Apart from the desire, there is an element of pressure involved in
marriage. The strength, in this case, is societal pressure. The stress of
marriage mounts, especially in the case of girls.

Generally, the notion of marrying a girl as soon as possible prevails.
Though this is a traditional orthodox though but still, it has its base of
believers. In the case of boys, the pressure is less but is not

Moreover, you, as an individual, want to marry at the right age. To have
kids and to settle in life is all that you desire. However, for all that to
happen, you need to get marriage proposals in the first place.

In this regard, Dua for a quick marriage proposal can be very helpful.
Performing Dua for a ready marriage proposal can soon turn things your

The process to perform dua for an immediate marriage proposal is as

process to perform dua for immediate marriage proposal red and black text with girl boy on pink background image

👉Perform fresh wudu in the first place
👉Wear tidy clothes
👉To begin with, recite Surah Yasin
👉Next, recite verse 24 of
Surah duha
👉Recite them 11 times
👉Afterward, recite Durood Shareef
👉Recite this 11 times
👉Again recite it 11 times
👉In the meanwhile recite Allah
👉Recite this in between two recitations of Durood Shareef
👉Perform a total of 313 reading
👉Next up recite Surah Tauba
👉Follow this up with its 129 verses for 1100 times
👉Afterward, recite Surah Maryam
recite Surah Muzammil
👉Regularly perform this dua for a total of 42 days

Dua For Getting Good Marriage Proposals

Getting married to the right person is as important as getting married at
the right time. Furthermore, compatibility and connect and are two crucial
factors in marriage. In case these two factors are absent, then there are
chances of destabilization of marriage.

This is the last thing you might want to happen. Generally, preference is
given to getting married and receiving marriage proposals. However, looking
for a good marriage proposal is something that is less talked about.

Rather than hoping for more marriage proposals, the focus shall be on good
ones. If you can get a good marriage proposal in the first place, half the
job is done. The compatibility factor, along with the connection, comes in
as a product of a good marriage proposal.

Dua for getting good marriage proposals can be very helpful for getting
such recommendations quickly. 

The steps for performing dua for getting good marriage proposals are as

👐Wash your body thoroughly in the first place
👐To begin with sit in a room with silent surroundings
👐Sit on the prayer rug
👐Recite: Ya’Aliyyu
👐Perform 2970 recitations
👐Next, up pray for suitable marriage proposals
👐Offer this dua after the sunset
👐Regularly perform this dua for 40 days
👐In case you (for females) miss some days add it on other days
👐Male performing this dua can’t skip a single day
👐If a male loses a single day, then he has to start again from Day 1
👐Keep the faith and achieve the dua with full dedication.

Dua For Marriage Proposal Acceptance In Islam

Rejection of a marriage proposal is the most unfortunate thing to happen.
Furthermore, the constant denial of marriage proposals affects you severely.
The self-belief and confidence start to degrade.

In this case, you start to feel worthless. When you see others’ marriage
proposals getting accepted, you think marriage is not your fate. Generally,
it is believed that only girls face this issue.

However, in contemporary times, boys are equally facing this problem. Thus,
this problem of marriage proposal rejection is a gender-neutral one. Some
common factors lead to the rejection of marriage proposals.

These factors can be:

a. Your poor personality
b. Effect of negative energy channelized against you
c. Bad social image
d. Ill habits like drinking
e. Low-income
f. Economic status
g. The societal reputation of the family
h. Irrespective of the factor rejection of the proposal is hard to

To avoid such situations, you need some useful solutions. You need a
solution that can bring in quick acceptance of your marriage

Dua for marriage proposal acceptance in Islam is the answer to all your
worries. This is one tried and tested solution. The process to perform dua
for marriage proposal acceptance in Islam is as follows:

Perform Ablution in the first place

Put in clean and ironed clothes
To begin with, recite:


Recite this for a total of 1000 times

In the meanwhile pray to the almighty for marriage proposal

Regularly perform this for a total of 40 days

With the blessing of Allah soon, your proposal would get accepted.

Dua To Get a Good Marriage Proposal

Dua To Get A Good Marriage Proposal, Marriage is one of the beautiful
bonding between two people who try to maintain it throughout a lifetime.
Some people are lucky enough to get the person they love while others fail
miserably to get their girl or boy.

Marrying the person you love is undoubtedly the most unique and beautiful

At times it becomes challenging to marry a person who belongs to a royal
family. You can get hurt if your special one or their family rejects your
marriage proposal.

Every family searches for a guy or a girl for their son or daughter who can
keep them happy. It is natural parents will try to find someone for their
son or daughter who can keep them happy.

Every family gives their son and daughter all the facilities so that they
can enjoy a comfortable life. However, even after analyzing all the points,
you end up marrying the wrong person.

Then, all the years, you end up regretting your decision. If you pray to
Allah, then your particular person will accept your marriage proposal. You
will have to perform a dua, which will make your marriage proposal

👉Make fresh wadu
👉All the Isha Prayer, the boy or girl who wants to get a good marriage
proposal should recite ‘All-👉👉Ahussamad’ 1100 ties
👉Blow it on a glass of fresh water and drink it
👉At last, recite this dua ‘Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka-Lah’ 72 times
👉After three weeks of doing this amal. You will immediately start getting
good marriage proposals.

Dua For Marriage Proposal With A Loved One

Dua For Marriage Proposal With A Loved One, At some point in time, you
should experience love since it can make life happy and complete.

Some do get their particular person and plan to marry them, while others
find it challenging to get their loved ones. Making a healthy relationship
is essential so you can finally marry them.

It is necessary to understand that just loving someone is not enough and
commitment is necessary. Also, it is essential for both families along
with good luck to act in your favor.

In case your success works in your favor of you then the stars will go
against you. Due to this reason, it becomes easy to marry the person you

It is quite natural to dream about the person you love due to the
commitments and future promises.

A constant fear runs in the mind is your parents, and your special
someone’s parents will not accept it. Holy Quran has all the solutions to
the problems related to your love and relationship problems.

With the help of dua, you can quickly solve your problems only if you
take help from experts. You have to practice the dua for a minimum of
three weeks.

👉Take your namaz mat
👉Sit with your legs folded in the backward direction
👉Take a piece of raw turmeric and a sugar cube and place them in front
of you
👉Recite ‘este condo omni potus conor omar azbul habal ondo’
👉Do it for a minimum of 400 times
👉Now gather your prayers and blow them over turmeric and sugar
👉Now feed these two things to any stray dogs
👉 Surah Mumtahina For A Marriage Proposal
👉Surah Mumtahina For A Marriage Proposal, It is common to pray to Allah
Talah to marry your special one and share life with him or

Indeed love marriages face a lot of trouble, yet it is impossible to stop
your feelings. Even after the social restrictions and the fear of parents
you cannot stop loving someone.

Loving a person and marrying someone else is painful and problematic.
Although Islam gives full permission to marry the person you love only if
your partner is Muslim.

But make sure that you take leave from your parents otherwise it can give
rise to conflicts.

Allah Miyan always cares for and protects love between two people from
evils. At times, it becomes tough to marry your particular person without
any obstacles.

As marriage is a lifetime commitment, it is important to wisely choose a
partner who can keep you happy.

If you find that it is becoming difficult for you to marry your special
one, dua will help you. Holy Quran has many dua, which is helpful to let
you officially marry your special one.

The dua will only be useful if you practice it correctly. If you are not
sure about doing it by yourself then you can take help from molvi who can
help you.

First, you have to recite any Durood Shareef 11 times and then recite
Surah #60 Surah Al-Mumtahina Verse #7, seven times.

In the end, recite Durood Shareef 11 times. Then, pray for marriage with
a good Muslim boy. Imagine your lover and then perform the wazifa.

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage Proposal?

A person can get be happily married only if he gets a good marriage
proposal. Sometimes the delay in marriage can be because the girl or the
boy does not get good suggestions.

If one does a particular istikhara, then this problem can get resolved.
But this istikhara has to be done correctly.

If you want to know how to do istikhara for a marriage proposal, then you
are in the right place. Before you know how to do istikhara for a marriage
proposals you must know which is this istikhara.

It is as follows.

allahummainniastakhirukabi’ilmika, Waastaqdiruka bi-qudratika,
Waas’alaka min fadlika al-‘azlm Fa-innakataqdiru Wala aqdiru, Wata’lamu
Wala a’lamu, Wa anta ‘allamu l-ghuyub. Allahumma, in kuntata’lam anna
hadha-l-amra Khairun li fi diniwama’ashiwa’aqibatiamri (or
‘ajiliamriwa’ajilihi) Faqdirhuwayas-sirhu li thummabarik li Fihi, Wa in
kuntata’lamu anna hadha-lamra shar-run li fi diniwama’ashiwa’aqibatiamri
(or fi’ajiliamriwaajilihi) Fasrifhuanni was-rifnianhu. Waqdir li
al-khairahaithu kana Thummaardinibihi.’

Now here is the answer to how to do istikhara for a marriage

Firstly you have to be in the form of Wuzu.

Secondly, you have to read Two Rakat Nafil. When you are saying the
namaz, you can answer any two of the Nafils.

These are Surat Al-Kafirun, Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Falaq, Surah

Finally, you have to read the dua that is mentioned above. Now that you
know how to do istikhara for marriage proposal next, let us see how you
get this will help you.

The mighty will give you an indication of your dream. You must interpret
the idea correctly.

Dua For An Immediate Marriage Proposal

Dua For An Immediate Marriage Proposal, The union of two souls is something
that defines marriage. Right from the day of your marriage, both of you take
the vow of spending the days together. 

Everyone has dreams for their marriages so that they can find someone
suitable for them.

But most of the time, it becomes challenging to find the right person
immediately due to the increasing age. As a result of which the guy or the
girl ends up choosing a person for them.

Finding the right partner who can support you throughout is undoubtedly a
tough task. If you think that that you can find the right person without any
trouble then you are wrong.

As soon as the wrong person comes into your life you will notice a lot of
positive changes.

Always keep in mind that if Allah has given life to you, then he also has
decided things for you even though it might seem that your marriage will
happen without any effort.

But you will have to face a lot of challenges while planning for your son
or daughter’s marriage. A lot of guys and girls do not even get a single
marriage proposal because of various reasons.

It is a sporadic case and parents find it tight and painful to accept this
fact. As a result of which they suffer from utter disappointment. For
getting a quick marriage proposal you will have to find a dua that will work
for your adult children.

Recite the dua ‘Allahumma la sahla illa ma ja’altahu sahlan, wa anta
taj’alul hazna sahlan iza shita.’

What To Read To Recieve Good Marriage Proposals In Islam?

Parents want the best proposals for their children. This is possible only
if Allah helps you. Your good deeds and almighty can surely assist you.
Reading certain things in Islam can also help.

Next, you will want to know what to read to receive a good marriage
proposal in Islam?

One of the first things that you must recite is”.

Secondly, you must say LaaIlaha Illa anta

Finally, read Inni Lima anzalatillayye min khairinfaqeer”.

This answers your question of what to learn to receive a good marriage
proposal in Islam?

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