Surah Yaseen Apk (the Heart of Quran) is an Islamic Smartphone
application that lets Muslims worldwide benefit from the great blessings
of this special Chapter of the Holy Quran.

1. Reading it when you wake up may invoke Allah to fulfill all your
needs for that day.

Hadhrat ‘Ataa’ bin Abi Ribaah (Radhiyallahu Anhu) says that the Prophet
Mohamed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) reportedly has said, “Whoever reads
Surah Yaseen
at the beginning of the day — all his needs for that day will be

2. It’s the equivalent of reading the whole Quran 10 times.

“Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Glorious Quran is Surah
Yaseen. Whoever reads Surah Yaseen, Allah records for them a reward equal
to that of reading the whole Quran 10 times.” — Maqal, Tirmidhi 2812/A,
and Dhahabi


3. Memorization will invoke the blessings of Allah.

It has been said that Allah recited Surah Yaseen and Surah Taha for a
thousand years before the creation of Heaven and Earth. Upon hearing this,
the angels said, “Blessing is for the Ummah unto whom the Quran will be
sent down. Blessing is for the hearts that will memorize it, and blessing
is for the tongues that will recite it.”

4. It invokes the mercy of Allah to forgive your sins.

“Whoever reads Surah Yaseen for the pleasure of Allah only, all his
earlier sins are forgiven. Therefore, make a practice of reading this
Surah over your dead.”

5. It benefits the reader in this life, as well as in the Hereafter.

According to one hadith, Surah Yaseen is named in the Torah as “Mun’imah”
in other words: “Giver of Good Things.”

This is because it contains benefits to both the reader in this world and
the next. It removes the afflictions of this world and the next.

Surah Yaseen also takes away the dread of the next life. Hashiya of
Tafsir Jalalalayn, pg 368.

6. It will exalt the status of the believers, both in this world and
the next.

Surah Yaseen is also known as “Raafi’ah Khaafidhah.” In other words, that
which exalts the status of the believers and degrades the

According to a Riwayat, Prophet Mohamed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
said, “My heart desires that Surah Yaseen Pdf should be
present in the heart of every one of my ummah.”

So, make sure you memorize Surah Yaseen to reap its benefits.

“Soundness of faith rests on acknowledging resurrection and judgment,”
said Imam Ghazali. Surah Yaseen contains many virtues — including
resurrection and judgment, both of which it speaks about in a detailed
7. It will grant you the status of a shaheed.

According to one hadith, if anyone Recites Surah Yaseen every
night and then dies, they will die as a shaheed (a martyr).

8. It wipes out your sins, alleviates hunger, and guides the lost.

“Whoever reads Surah Yaseen is forgiven; whoever reads it in hunger is
satisfied; whoever reads it having lost their way, finds their way;
whoever reads it on losing an animal, finds it.

When one reads it while addressing the fact that their food will run
short, that food will then become sufficient.

If one reads it while beside someone who is in the throes of death, then
that process is made more smoothly for them.

If anyone reads it on a woman who is experiencing difficulty in
childbirth, her delivery will then become easy. ”

Imam Tibi explains in his commentary on Mishkat al-Masabih why Surah
Yaseen is called the Heart of the Quran: “Because of what it

Overwhelming proof, decisive signs, subtle spiritual meanings, eloquent
admonition, and stern warnings.”

9. It abolishes fear from your heart.

Maqri (Rahmatullah Alaihi) said, “If Surah Yaseen is read by one
who fears the ruler or an enemy, one gets rid of this fear.”

10. Reading it at night will forgive your sins.

The Prophet said, “Whoever recited Surah Yasin in the night seeking
Allah’s pleasure, Allah would forgive him.” Ibn Hibban, Darimi 3283/A, Abu
Yala, Tabarani, Baihaqi & Ibn Mardawaih.

Surah Yaseen Android App Download Below

Here we provide Surah Yaseen Apk Android App. You can downoad this
app simply and recite surah yaseen daily basis.

Some Reviesws of Surah Yaseen Apk App

Nouman Aamir
Inappropriate ads are shown on this app. I know that this is a popular
app and there need to be ads to earn but do something about the
inappropriate ads. I know there is a pro version but then you shouldn’t
make the free version available to the users.
Babar Sherazi
I am reciting Surah Yaseen for the last three months I found it
very well… No problem during the opening and closing of the app. The
best thing is that every word is clear so I read without any
Mian Hazrat Shah
Goop app. But there is no zooming option which helps old ager to read
clearly. If it is possible, please develop the option.
News97 Official
This is a great app that is easy to read but the only problem is that the
ads bother us while reading …
Malik Hamza
It’s a very good app, but certain inappropriate ads need to be
Sobia Habib
The best app just because we can read very easily 🙂 and it is attractive
so we love to read… that’s why you got shwab for it 😇😇😇
Aslam RR
Thanks, for making this app easy to read, listen to, and do other
Yasir Ahmed
It’s effortless to use even when you are offline u can recite surah
Umar DRaZ kHaN SiAL
It is a very amazing app and it has a lot of understanding of the
alphabet also. May Allah Pak bless you
Danial khan
Very best and excellent app. It helps me in my traveling whenever I want
to recite Holy Quran. May Allah bless the one who develops this app. I am
so happy that Islamic apps are still on the play store
Shahista Shaikh
Words r very clear and there is enough gap between words so it’s very
easy and nice to read Jazakallah
Raja Shujahat
It’s a good thing we can get the benefits of Islam and get closer to
Farooq Shani
Beautiful words. I like it.
Paul Walker
Very helpful and easy usability.
Parvez Shaik
Excellent word to word is the clear very best app
Faheem Ullah Khan
It is a very designed app the words are also clear
Sajid Aziz
The good app is easy to use but should have a zoom facility
Excellent but only adds a problem please remove adds
Kit Kit
Great app. I prefer this app over others because it gives you a full page
to read at a time, unlike other apps where you need to swipe down every
other line at times skipping and making a person lose their spot. THIS APP
gives you a Full a page! ! it’s great and lets you focus rather than
Mohammed Kaif
Alhamdulillah, It’s a nice app 👍 Words, spellings each n everything is
perfect ✌️ In this app only I learned surah Yaseen completely. But there’s
a small issue, while reading, if any call came to phn means, then the app
will be automatically closed. We will be not able to resume from that
particular page

Raja Farhat
Very good app. No ads
Nizar Ahamed
A very good and useful one to recite
Abu mon
Outstanding 😍😍😍😍. But you have to try to remove add from this app.
Yes, it is true you can get paid through that. But beyond the payment, you
can get the reward from God, why i said like that only one reason which so
many adds will make irritation to readers and through that they more prone
to be born
Nayeem Ahmed
It’s sound good for memorization
Rumana Shaikh
We can read it very clearly I loved this app
Adnan malik
Very helpful in places where we cannot carry the holy book
Far Majeed
This is a great app and easy to learn
Jazakallah for this beautiful app. I have tried a few apps for Surah
Yaseen and I have always had trouble while trying to read. Your app is
PERFECT. The fonts are absolutely perfect and it feels like I am reading
from a good quality Quran. Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward this mashallah
Abdul Saleem
Excellent…very elegant and clear
Technical Activity
Very nice and easy to read
Imran ghazi
The most expensive app I love, it is easy reading or kya chahiye
Muzammil Reki
It is the very best app……..and important for students aur jobs
Mudassar Mudassar
It’s too easy to read
Giga Studio official
Lovingly Excellent. This all touches my heart.
Tafseer Ahmad
Inappropriate ADS starts in this app.
Ali Aslam Mohammed
Very much Helpful for learners
Jalal Uddin
This app is very informative and necessary from an Islamic point of view.
We learned a lot from this app according to the directions of different
aspects. It’s very easy for me to recite of Holy Quran often whenever I am
free during hospital duty. And after each Namaz.. especially Sarah

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